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Cook's Pharmacy is Your Partner in Achieving Healthy and Sustainable Weight Loss

Has your weight loss journey felt difficult or discouraging? Or are you almost at your goal weight and feel you need a bit of extra weight loss support to get you where you want to be? Are you ready to feel like a healthier and happier version of yourself?


Then the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol through Cook’s Pharmacy may be a great fit for you!


Using a medically developed weight loss program with proven results, our weight loss coach will help to empower you to drop excess weight and keep it off even after completing the program!


At Cook's Pharmacy, it is our genuine pleasure to walk beside you as you strive to achieve a healthy weight, change your lifestyle, and obtain lasting results


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How Does Weight Loss Management at Cook’s Pharmacy Work?

Through the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol, our pharmacists provide you with a personalized approach based on your individualized health profile and unique goals. We begin by completing an initial consultation and introducing the Ideal Protein Weight Loss program. During your consultation, we will help you establish attainable goals and recommend the most suitable food, vitamins, and minerals for you!  


Following your initial consultation, you will work through three phases of the medical weight loss protocol: Weight Loss, Stabilization, and Maintenance. You will also receive one-on-one weight loss coaching and learn more about eating mindfully and living a healthy lifestyle.


Each week, you will also check in with your coach for 15 - 30 minutes to track your progress, celebrate your successes, and seek guidance on overcoming challenges.


Phases of the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol helps you burn fat and lose weight without sacrificing muscle mass or leaving you feeling hungry or deprived. You will accomplish this in three phases as follows: 

Plate of vegetables and healthy fats to allow participant to reach ketosis through weight loss program protocol.


Phase 1 – Weight Loss

The Weight Loss phase is your opportunity to reset your body and promote fat burning by restricting carbohydrate intake.


By reducing carbohydrates, you will optimize fat loss by achieving a state of ketosis, which is a completely safe state in which the body utilizes stored fat as its alternative energy source.


Due to the design of the program, you will remain in Phase 1 until you reach your goal weight.

Fit couple running in park after achieving weight loss goals through medical weight loss program.


Phase 2 – Stabilization 

In the Stabilization phase, you will reset your mind and build healthy lifestyle habits that will help you maintain your weight loss for years to come – even after you complete the Ideal Protein Protocol!


In this phase, you will receive personalized coaching on how to slowly reintroduce carbohydrates and healthy fats back into your eating plan.


You will also be provided with a Macro Code that's unique to you. Your Macro Code will be based on the macronutrients you require daily to manage hunger and maintain your ideal weight effectively. 

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Phase 3 – Maintenance

The Maintenance phase is a transformative time where you will learn to live your fullest, healthiest, and best life!


In Phase 3, you will continue to receive support and education from your coach. With each visit, you will learn new strategies for selecting nutritious foods, establishing healthy eating patterns, making lifestyle changes, and creating an environment that supports your lasting success. In addition, you will continue to utilize the Macro Code provided to you in Phase 2.  


Once you complete Phases 1-3, you can stay connected to your pharmacist through the Ideal Protein app and incorporate "Tune-ups" if ever needed to keep you on track long-term.


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How Much Does Weight Loss Coaching Cost at Cook's Pharmacy?

Through the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol, you will receive free weight loss coaching from Cook's Pharmacy as part of the program.


The only purchases required are delicious, high-protein meals and snacks that are part of helping you achieve ketosis in Phase 1.



Through Ideal Protein, you will enjoy a vast selection of filling and satisfying foods, including:


  • Bars
  • Breakfast foods
  • Desserts
  • Drinks
  • Main courses
  • Salty snacks
  • Soups
  • …and more! 


Most program participants find that the monthly cost of Ideal Protein foods is comparable to their regular grocery bill when they redirect their average food expenditures to healthier options.


On average, meals, snacks, and supplements cost approximately $21 a day, making our weight loss management program an accessible solution to anyone ready to lose weight, establish sustainable habits, and live life to the fullest.


Interested in browsing the list of Ideal Protein foods to get a better idea of what to expect?

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Ideal Protein Success Stories

Not sure if the Ideal Protein Weight Management Protocol through Cook’s Pharmacy is the right fit for you? Scared to fail or hesitant to invest in yourself? Countless people have achieved incredible results - and you can too!


Simply signup at Cook's Pharmacy, follow the three-phase sequence, work with your weight loss coach one-on-one, and establish lifestyle changes to help you lose weight and keep it off for good!


Watch Some of the Ideal Protein Success Stories!


Ready to change your life and achieve your weight loss goals? You are one easy step away from getting started!


Women running in park after completing medical weight loss program and making healthy lifestyle changes.


At Cook’s Pharmacy, it is our honour to help patients like you succeed as you strive to manage your weight, break through barriers, build new habits, and achieve your dreams for the future.


Working with our pharmacists, you can expect supportive, compassionate, and encouraging weight loss coaching every step of the way.


We look forward to cheering you on and watching your transformation as you improve your overall health and live your best life!


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