How to Manage Your Health While Exploring the World

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Travelling is an adventure like no other, filled with new cultures, experiences, and food to inspire your palette. However, as fun as travelling the world is, it can also disrupt your daily wellness routine – making it not only hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it can also lead to possible health complications.  


While most travel-related illnesses aren’t serious, they can still put a damper on your trip and overall health, so the experts here at Cook’s Pharmacy created this comprehensive guide to help you keep yourself healthy as you travel.  


If you already find it a little challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home, you may find it even harder to do so on a trip. Even seasoned health professionals can fall out of practice when faced with the stress and excitement of travelling the world.  


Staying healthy while traveling the world is easier than you think. We've put together practical tips and strategies to help you stay healthy while you travel the world.  


Before You Travel, PREP! 

Pre-travel preparation is key to maintaining wellness on the road. Research your destination's climate, local cuisine, and available travel friendly healthcare facilities beforehand.  


If you have specific dietary requirements or medical conditions, identify suitable restaurants and pharmacies in advance.  


Being prepared ensures a smoother and healthier travel experience, allowing you to focus on savouring the journey without worry. 


Keeping Your Doctor in The Loop Before You Travel 

You should always keep your General Practioner (GP) in the loop when you decide to travel. They’re going to be an essential part of judging whether you’re healthy enough to make the trip, as there are several considerations you need to consider before you take off.  


Before you travel, talk to your GP if you experience:  


Chronic Illness 


Chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma, or other chronic conditions may require careful management and consideration before you decide to travel. Changes in your environment, altitude, or access to medical care could impact these conditions, so check in with your doctor before you book your trip.  


Mobility Issues 


Limited mobility due to conditions such as injury, arthritis, or other physical disabilities could make certain modes of travel or destinations inaccessible, so do your research and make sure you're prepared for the trip.  


Mental Health Conditions 


Anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD (or CPTSD), or other mental health conditions could require you to take additional precautions and arrange for extra support/accommodations during travel. Check with your GP and other mental health professionals for a second opinion or to ensure you have the necessary medication/support.  




Individuals may face restrictions on travel, especially during certain stages of pregnancy or to regions with increased health risks. Before travelling while pregnant, check in with your medical team to make sure you’re physically capable of making the trip and will have adequate access to the care you need, especially in case of an emergency. 


Additional Considerations 


Ensure that your vaccinations are up to date before you leave, especially if you're travelling to places with certain health concerns. Always consult your GP about additional vaccinations and extra precautions you should take before your getaway. A pre-trip health check-up can also preemptively address any concerns before you take off, especially for longer trips. 


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Pack a Travel Healthcare Kit 

Having a well-packed travel healthcare kit could very literally save your life, or at the very least be a great convenience. Always include essentials such as:  

  • Prescription medications 

  • Pain relievers 

  • Antihistamines 

  • First-aid supplies 

  • EPI-pen, if necessary 

All these things can be paramount should you run into minor medical emergencies whilst on your trip. Also, don’t forget other essentials such as sunscreen, hand sanitizer, insect repellant, and aloe vera in case you get burned. Anti-nauseants could be great too if you plan on travelling by boat or by car.  


Also, if you’re travelling where you can’t guarantee the drinking water is safe, you can also bring water purification tablets.  


Enjoy Your Food, But Keep Dietary Health in Mind 

Sampling the local cuisine is great – it’s one of the very best reasons to take an international trip! However, like anything in life, it’s good to maintain balance. While you can definitely treat yourself, there are a few additional considerations to keep in mind to help keep things in focus:  


Prioritize Fresh and Local Foods 

  • Make sure that, if you have the option, to prioritize fresh produce like fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Not only are these healthy options, but they offer a very unfiltered and authentic taste of the destination. It’s good to be relatively careful when it comes to street food – this is an easy way to get sick, so make sure if you sample street food, that it appears to have been prepared in a clean and safe environment. A tour guide can point you in the right direction.  

Keep Yourself Properly Hydrated 

  • Dehydration is a very common issue for travellers – especially those in hot climates or travelling via long flights. Always keep a reusable water bottle that you refill regularly. As well, if you experience traveller’s diarrhea, water is even more essential.  

Keep Your Alcohol and Caffeine Intake Moderate 

  • We get it – it’s tempting to delve into exotic cocktails or several forms of caffeine while you travel, but it’s important to remember that, for your health, moderation is crucial. Excessive alcohol and caffeine intake can disrupt sleep patterns and cause dehydration, impacting your overall health and well-being.  

Prioritize Physical Activity 

Listen, we want you to relax! But if you’re already planning on travelling the world, you may as well get those steps in as a part of your itinerary. Here are some easy ways to incorporate more physical activity during your trip:  


See The Sights on a Bicycle or Foot! 

  • Cycling or walking is a perfect way to discover the stunning sights of a new city. You not only get to see the local culture up close, but you also add time to your recommended 150 minutes of cardio per week! That’s a heart-healthy way to keep yourself in shape while you travel. As well, a lot of destinations have a guided walking or cycling tour you can take to both educate yourself while you exercise.  

Select Adventures That Keep You Active 

  • Any adventure can be active if you include activities like swimming, hiking, and kayaking as a part of your travel itinerary. Not only does this help keep you fit, but it also allows you to experience a destination in several different ways, all while enjoying nature as a part of the process. Just make sure you have the right gear and check the local regulations before you proceed.  


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Prioritize Your Sleep! 

Sleep is NOT for the weak! In fact, sleeping well on your vacation can pretty much ensure that you have the energy necessary to do all of the things scheduled into your itinerary.  


Jet lag, unfamiliar beds, and a busy schedule can really mess with your sleep, but making sure you’re well rested is paramount to maintaining good health. Luckily, Cook’s Pharmacy has some tips on how to maximize your sleep:  


Stick to a Sleeping Schedule 

  • Do your best to try and keep a relatively consistent sleep schedule, even if you’re travelling across time zones. You may have to make some incremental adjustments to your sleep schedule a few days before you depart to help with the transition, but it will help you in the long run. You can also use ear plus and an eye mask to help create a more restful environment.  

Crafting a Cozy Sleep Setting  

  • Opt for accommodations that boast stellar reviews, ensuring comfort and cleanliness are top-notch. Don't forget to pack sleep aids like a travel pillow, cozy blanket, or a touch of soothing lavender essential oil to enhance your snooze experience. 


How Cook’s Pharmacy Can Help You Make the Most of Your Trip 

Cook's Pharmacy is your local expert on wellness. We’re dedicated to providing you with the maximum amount of patient care to ensure that you not only feel good during your daily life, but your next big adventure, too! 


Expert Medical Guidance 


With our team's expertise in travel medicine, you can trust that you're receiving the highest standard of care. From destination-specific recommendations to personalized vaccination plans, your health is our top priority.  


Convenient Vaccination Services 


Say goodbye to long wait times and complicated booking processes. At Cook's Pharmacy, our team will work with you to schedule your vaccinations at a time that fits your busy schedule. Plus, our comfortable and welcoming environment will put you at ease throughout the process.  


Comprehensive Travel Health Solutions 


Whether you're embarking on a tropical getaway, a backpacking adventure, or a business trip abroad, we've got you covered. From routine vaccines to specialized travel immunizations, we offer a full range of services to meet your needs.  


Flexible Appointment Options 


We understand that planning for travel can be hectic. That's why we offer flexible appointment options, including evenings and weekends, so you can get vaccinated on your terms.  


Peace of Mind 


Travelling to new destinations should be exciting, not stressful. With Cook's Pharmacy by your side, you can travel with confidence knowing that you're protected against preventable diseases.  


Don't let health concerns hold you back from exploring the world. Contact Cook's Pharmacy today to schedule your travel vaccination consultation and take the first step towards a safe and unforgettable adventure! Don’t minimize your travel health priorities, Cook’s Pharmacy has your back! Avoid travel related illnesses this year by doing what you can to stay healthy!



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